Focaccia Genovese

I usually make some type of focaccia every week as my family loves to snack on it throughout the day, use it to make a panini at lunch, or use it as our bread for dinner. While we were in Italy a couple of months ago, we went to Perugia to a food fair, and […]

Pasta alla Vodka With A Bite

After day afer day of rain, we finally were able to enjoy a few warm, sunny days in a row, but alas, the rain is back today with a vengeance. We’ve finished planting most of the flower beds we wanted to get completed this spring, but when you move into a new house, there is […]

Featured Product ~ Prosciutto di Parma ~ Rosa dell’Angelo Tour

We recently spent five nights in Emilia Romagna, split between Bologna, Modena, and Parma. Although I have traveled across Italy extensively over the years, this is one region that I really have never spent any time in so I wanted to change that. Emilia Romagna is an exceptional region as it is the

Baby Potato Salad

We returned from Italy just before the Memorial Day holiday, and I was excited to have the family over for dinner to celebrate the holiday. My husband wanted to have a pizza night, but I wanted to prepare a traditional barbecue. Since I am the one who plans our meals and does most of the […]

Chicken, Spinach, & Ricotta Manicotti

We have been very busy recently planting our vegetable garden and flower beds, although we have had to work around constant rain. We left a rainy cool, Umbria less than two weeks ago, and it seems we brought the rain with us because it has rained almost daily since. Luckily our vegetable beds are ra

Alois Lageder – Leader of Biodynamic Wines in Alto Adige

Nestled against the steep rock face of Fennberg mountain lies the small wine village of Margreid. Stately homes of the local nobility as well as quaint old farmhouses line the narrow streets, where today the locals still gather on the few benches in the center as school lets out for the day. The win

Gnocco Fritto

We recently spent five nights in Emilia Romagna including stays in Bologna, Modena, and Parma. Emilia Romagna is a region well known for its amazing stuffed pasta, and its pork products, so we thoroughly enjoyed eating our way across the region. On our first day in Bologna, we experienced gnocco fri

Pasta With Nduja, Lemon, & Breadcrumbs

We left Italy five days ago, and last night was the first night that I actually slept all night long. I do not know why, but I seem to suffer from jet lag much more coming from Italy than going to Italy. Unless you are getting a full night sleep, you just do not feel […]

Roman Style Artichokes {Carciofi alla Romana}

I love Italy in the spring when market stalls are piled high with varieties of local artichokes, agretti, fava beans, baby peas, and pencil thin asparagus spears. Artichokes are one of my favorite vegetables and I probably could eat them daily and never tire of them. Since the fresh artichoke season

Artichokes Au Gratin

Carciofi Gratinati ~ A baked version of artichokes topped with a cheese flavored crumb crust. A delicious side dish for any roasted or grilled meat dish. This artichoke recipe shows how you don’t need complicated ingredients when preparing artichokes, and often the simpler the dish, the better. I lo

Ciambelle with Wine

These cookies are one of the favorite cookies my Mother-In-Law used to make. I truly love these cookies because they have a good chew, but still are tender, and are not too sweet, making them perfect to enjoy with a cup of espresso for an afternoon snack. They are more of an adult cookie as […]

Le Vignole ~ Spring Vegetable Stew

I am a huge fan of most vegetables, but artichokes and fava beans are certainly two of my favorites. Since they are spring vegetables, I am always looking for new and delicious ways to prepare them each spring. I came across a recipe for Le Vignole in a tiny Umbrian cookbook and decided to give […]

Friday Photos ~ Florence ~ May 3rd, 2019

We have been trying to squeeze in a day trip to Florence before we leave Italy and the first time we tried I became ill, then the weather held us back. Finally this past week we decided to go despite what the weather Gods offer. It was a cloudy, grey day, and we did have […]

Agretti Sautéed With Pancetta

I thoroughly enjoy visiting the outdoor markets here in Umbria in the spring, though I find myself often buying too much of everything, particularly since there are just two of us at home to cook for. The one interesting spring green that I hesitated buying is called agretti here in Umbria. It’s ap

Ravioli Gnudi With Quick Tomato Sauce

These little gems are called ricotta spinach gnocchi, or ravioli gnudi as they resemble the filling often used to stuff ravioli. This recipe was adapted from Davina Cucina’s (otherwise known as Judy Witts Francini) cookbook called Secrets from My Tuscan Kitchen. The changes I made to the recipe crea

Friday Photos From Umbria ~ April 27th, 2019

This week we headed up to Bettona to enjoy a dinner hosted by Dario Cecchini, the famous butcher from Panzano at Osteria di Vin Porcello in Bettona.We’ve known Dario for many years and he is one of those people that you know when he enters the room because the air changes his personality is so […]

Rapini all’Aglio, Olio e Peperoncini

Discovering the distinctive local products of Italy is a unique and intriguing part of any Italiaoutdoors Food and Wine Italy tour, an activity that requires extensive local knowledge. There are countless local varieties of plants that are incorporated into the traditional cuisine and wines of Italy