Colomba di Pasqua {Easter Dove Bread}

When I think of Christmas in Italy, I think of Panettone, and this sweet bread formed in the shape of a dove is what you find across Italy at Easter. Although Italians outdo themselves baking regional sweets for every holiday, this traditional sweet bread is one you will find in every region at Ea

Pan di Ramerino {Sweet Easter Buns}

I had great intentions to post several new Easter recipes this year, had made notes and even developed a schedule for testing and posting them. Then, after just arriving in Italy I heard that my Mother was not doing well in the hospital and I immediately turned around and flew back to Canada. I was

Oven Roasted Baby Artichokes With Lemon Pepper Dipping Sauce

Anyone who knows me well knows that my favorite spring vegetable, hands down, is the artichoke. I enjoy eating artichokes just about any way you can prepare them from frying, braising, boiling, and roasting. Here in Umbria, artichoke season is in full swing, so we have a selection of different varie

Cantucci – Almond Biscotti from Tuscany

No matter where we travel in Tuscany, be it biking in the Val D’Orcia on our way to taste Brunello, or walking through the vineyards of Chianti, we find this same dessert to end every meal – Cantucci and Vin Santo. Vin Santo in Tuscany is the local sweet dessert wine; many areas have a favorite swee

Asparagi alla Bismarck

This recipe typifies what Italian cuisine is all about and spring is the best time to enjoy it when fresh baby asparagus spears are in season. The following recipe is probably the simplest way to prepare and enjoy asparagus, but the combination of just a few ingredients in this dish is very tasty.

Torta di Radicchio – Radicchio and Ricotta Tart

Surrounded by majestic medieval walls, some of the best preserved in all of Italy, the town of Castelfranco Veneto is a destination we visit often on our Italiaoutdoors private walking and cycling tours in Italy. This lovely small town is situated between Treviso and Vicenza, and its defensive walls

Salami Cheese Rolls

I often serve a selection of cured meats and cheeses when entertaining, but find I have an odd assortment of leftovers afterwards. These tasty buns are a great way to use up leftover bits of cured meats and cheese. In the version shown in these photos, I had some leftover pepperoni and fennel salami

Goat Cheese & Roasted Pepper Pasta For Mom

The last few weeks have been exhausting and devastating simultaneously. I flew to Italy March 4th expecting to stay there for three months, but three days after my arrival I realized that my Mother’s hospital stay in Canada for what initially was sciatic nerve pain had progressed to something much m

Golden Brown Artichokes Braised in White Wine

We just returned to Umbria this week, and although I do love everything about being back in Umbria, one of the things I was looking forward to most upon our return was our weekly market visits so I could buy my favorite vegetable, the artichoke. The artichoke season is far too short, but this is […]

Spaghetti with Shrimp In Creamy Tomato Sauce

I often say that even though I am not Italian by birth, I am Italian by heart. After marrying into an Italian family over four decades ago, my love affair with ‘real” Italian food was at my Mother-In-Law’s table, and I have never looked back. I started off slowly trying to recreate a few dishes […]

Mixed Grain Potato & Rosemary Focaccia {SheWolf Copycat Recipe}

Winter has certainly arrived! The temperatures are heading into the single digits the day I am writing up this recipe, and will drop below zero tomorrow. Apparently, a polar wave is coming through the Midwest bringing life-threatening cold temperatures. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? After getting six t

Peposo alla Fornacina – Traditional Tuscan Beef Stew

This simple beef stew – beef, cooked slowly in a few spices, olive oil and wine – is prepared all over Tuscany. I’ve enjoyed it several times during our farewell dinner in Montalcino on our Walk the Wine Roads of Tuscany tour. The dish supposedly originated over 500 years ago in the town of Imprunet

Acqua Pazza

I have recently completed some revisions on the blog, and that forced me to go through each one of my 1,400 recipes to correct some issues that occured when we switched to a new recipe plugin. Although this involved many, many hours of work, it forced me to go through every single one of my […]

Healthier Whole Grain Blueberry Muffins

When January rolls around every year, I make the decision to try and create healthier baked goods. Everyone constantly reads just how bad white sugar and flour are for you, so why not use natural sweeteners such as raw honey or maple syrup, and choose some of the many whole grains available to us? M

Wild Salmon Cakes With Creamy Dill Sauce

When my children were young, my husband took a yearly fishing trip to Vancouver with his company and would return with a cooler full of the most amazing fresh salmon fillets. I had to come up with many recipes to use up this bounty, and these tasty salmon cakes were one of my family’s favorite […]

Spicy Egg & Pancetta Bake

We have six chickens at our farmhouse in Umbria, and another seven this side of the pond so I am used to getting fresh eggs daily. There is nothing better than collecting eggs that have just been laid from your own chickens. These eggs taste better than store-bought eggs and knowing what you feed th

Bigoli con Le Sarde – Bigoli Pasta with Sardines

This classic Venetian dish you can whip up out of your pantry, making the sauce while the pasta cooks. I’ve enjoyed this across the Veneto region, from an osteria along the Grand Canal in Venice to a lakeside trattoria on Lake Garda, as sardines are found in both saltwater and fresh. Sardines play a

Amazingly Easy Instant Pot Chicken Broth

I just celebrated another Birthday. I am beginning to believe that Birthdays after sixty years old are best forgotten, but it seems my family feels differently. At my age, it seems that each and every year I develop some new health issue, and in my effort to become as healthy as I can be, I […]

Calabrian Chili Pepper Pasta

I kept seeing Calabrian chili peppers popping up in a variety of recipes across the internet the past few months, and being curious I had to order some. Nduja, the spicy Calabrian soft salami has been around for a few years, and I always have some in my refrigerator, but Calabrian peppers? There are